cinematography PORTFOLIO

Welcome, this is my cinematography portfolio page here you can see all my recently created projects. Around five years ago I started learning cinematography, this resulted in a big interest in technology, cameras & Photography. The main problem I saw by most cinematographers is that the results for the clients did not match the expectations, So I began learning how to find the right customers and how to promote the video’s on different platforms like Facebook or Instagram marketing.

cinematography experiencess

Here you are able to see what I have personally learned the last few years while filming different kind of projects.

  • Camera knowledge 85% 85%
  • usage of camera gear 80% 80%
  • Aerial cinematography / Drone operator 75% 75%
  • Camera shots / movements 70% 70%
  • After effects 75% 75%
  • Premiere pro 75% 75%
  • Element 3D 65% 65%
  • 3D VFX 65% 65%
  • Marketing strategies 70% 70%