Industrial product design | group assignment

This project was a group assignment from Avans University of Applied Sciences. The main goal was to design a phone accessory that was related to the preselected target audience. The target audience we received from the project was commuters. After doing research on this target audience and interviewing multiple commuters we noticed that many car drivers use their phone while driving. That’s why we have designed an accessory that will prevent people from using their phone when driving. This device is easy to carry and can be used as a power bank, phone holder and safety device. When the driver is driving at greater speeds than 10 km/h and pick-ups his phone the holder will make a beeping sound to prevent drivers from using their phone while driving. For designing this product we have used solidworks and Autodesk, 3Ds Max. The final prototype was 3D printed by me.

PDF File project

PDF presentation (summary)