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Who am I?

My name is Dylan Dreyer Varsics and this is my personal portfolio website, I’m a creative entrepreneur with a lot of passion for innovation, technology and product design. I really enjoy learning & creating new things. At the moment I study industrial engineering and management at Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, please check out my work!

More information / Meer informatie (Dutch)

Ik ben een gemotiveerde en hardwerkende ondernemer. Mijn passie ligt bij alle aspecten rondom innovatie en technologie. Ik vind het belangrijk om mezelf continue te ontwikkelen in de richtingen waar mijn interesses liggen. Op die manier creΓ«er ik regelmatig doelgerichte marketing content en hou ik me bezig met het maken van websites met effectieve zoekmachine optimalisatie. Daarnaast ben ik graag bezig met het samenstellen en assembleren van technische systemen, zoals drones, computers en 3D-printers.

βœ†: +31(0)611591383
βœ‰: [email protected]
πŸ“– http://ddreyer.nl
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My experiences


Industrial Engineering

In 2019, I started with my new study at Avans University of Applied Sciences in s-‘Hertogenbosch. Now I focus daily on resolving issues regarding supply chain management, process engineering.


Product design

I really have a passion for designing unique products. For creating these products I use my 3D FDM printer to print some of my 3D designed products. Besides this I love technology and innovation.


3D Software

I have used many 3D software programs like, Blender, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Maya, Substance painter and UE4 to create realistic results. I have experience with 3D modeling, UVW unwrapping and creating realistic textures.



Since 2017,Β  I started learning marketing by following a few courses. My internship was mainly focused on video marketing an targeting the right audience. On this portfolio website you are able to see some projects.


Video/Fotography & editing

In 2012, I started doing a lot of cinematography and editing work. Photography is still a hobby of mine, but I mainly combine these skills with creating engaging marketing content at the moment.


Webdesign & SEO

The freedom you have by creating your own websites is really amazing. Since 2017 I have learned a lot by creating my own websites. Besides, this I really like ranking websites, with the use of SEO and SEA implementations.

Make Your Content a Priority.

I certainly will.

industry 4.0

Industrial engineering and management

In 2019, I choose to challenge myself with a new bachelor, industrial engineering and management at Avans University of Applied Sciences in s-‘Hertogenbosch. Now I focus daily on resolving issues regarding supply chain management, process engineering, quality control and process optimizations. Besides all the theoretical knowledge we also worked in project groups where we collaborated with many production companies to analyse and improve their bottlenecks. These projects ranged from optimizing production workflows to improving marketing and sales departments.

industry 4.0
3d cube design

3D Visualisations

Since 2016 I have been working with Blender, 3DS Max and Maya creating 3D product & architecture visualisations. I love designing and creating new things from scratch. Creating realistic results has always been my goal while creating these renders. If you are interested to see my work, feel free to click on the Portfolio button.

Webdesign Dylan Dreyer

Webdesign & SEO

Since 2017 I started learning how to design and create websites on the WordPress platform. I really like the freedom of creating my own websites. This motivates me to use my own creativity and freedom in this kind of projects. Since 2019 I started learning the fundamentals of search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine advertisement (SEA), This helped me to rank my websites higher in search engines like Google. If you like to see more about my web design work, please click on the portfolio button or visit Webscrollers.

Webdesign Dylan Dreyer
Video marketing icon

Video marketing, Cinemathography & Photography

I started doing a lot of cinematography work around 2012, this resulted in a big interest in cameras, photography and technology. The main problem I saw by most cinematographers is that the results for the clients did not match the expectations, so I began learning how to find the right customers and how to promote the video’s on different platforms. If you are interested to see some results and recent created work feel free to click on the portfolio button.

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