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Who am I?

My name is Dylan Dreyer Varsics and welcome to my portfolio website. I am a creative entrepreneur with a lot of passion for innovation, technology and product design.

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I am a dedicated and hard-working entrepreneur with a deep passion for innovation and technology. My experience in assembling and building technical systems including computers, drones and 3D printers goes hand in hand with my extensive knowledge of optimizing technical business processes.

With my expertise in data analytics, marketing, e-commerce, and supply chain management, I am able to generate effective business intelligence to base decisions on and generate effective solutions. I am constantly looking for new challenges and growth opportunities to further develop my knowledge and skills. Let’s connect if you share similar interests or would like to collaborate!

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My experiences

Business intelligence

My interest in analytics started around 2016 when I focused mainly on marketing analytics and SEO for my company. In 2023, I decided to start with my master’s degree in Information Management. During this study, I gained new knowledge on enterprise architecture, cybersecurity and data analytics. We worked with SQL and Python (apache hadoop/spark and python packages) for big data analytics.

Supply chain management

During my bachelors and masters, I mainly focused on improving supply chains trough data analytics. In 2023, I completed my graduation internship at ASML within supply chain automation and standardisation team (SCAS). I developed an interactive dashboard with new quantified metrics, and I transformed data into new information (data bucketing) to increase the order fulfilment automation rate.

Process engineering and optimisation

In 2019, I started my second study at Avans University of Applied Sciences. The main focus of this study was to improve various processes within different organisations. Every semester we cooperated in project teams and were required to find companies where we could improve processes, products and/or supply chains. 

Product development

I have extensive experience in product development and rapid prototyping, which I gained throughout my internship at Esignus where I was responsible for designing a charger for the hardware wallet. Besides this project, I worked in a multidisciplinary project team to develop a robot filament winder and I love building my own computers and drones.

3D Printing & CAD

My experience on additive manufacturing grew through my passion for designing products. The products were created through additive manufacturing techniques. I use my own 3D FDM or SLA printer to print my designed products. These products were designed with CAD software. I also have experience with 3ds max and other programs.

Webdesign and digital marketing

Since 2017, I have gained a lot of experience by developing new websites. Additionally, I focused on the implementation of e-commerce stores and search engine optimisation. Furthermore, I had two internships that were focused on creating engaging marketing content. Lastly, I had an active role within the IThappens committee (2023/2024).

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Business analytics and business intelligence

Business intelligence & Analytics

Since 2022 I started with challenging myself again by fallowing a master degree in Information Management, because I wanted to improve my English business skills and gain more knowledge within the data/information field. I fallowed the courses: Cybersecurity Risk Management, Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance and Strategic Sourcing, Interactive Data Transformation, Advanced Data Management, Business Analytics and Emerging Trends, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics and Data-driven Design in Supply Chain Management. Besides, these courses I was active for two years within IThappens, a formal study committee at SBIT. Here I was responsible for writing technology related articles and analytics tasks.

industry 4.0

Industrial engineering and management

In 2019, I choose to challenge myself with a new bachelor, industrial engineering and management at Avans University of Applied Sciences in s-‘Hertogenbosch. Now I focus daily on resolving issues regarding supply chain management, process engineering, quality control and process optimizations. Besides all the theoretical knowledge, we also worked in project groups where we collaborated with many production companies to analyse and improve their bottlenecks. These projects ranged from optimizing production workflows to improving marketing and sales departments. I completed this bachelor study with a graduate internship at ASML. During this internship, I focused on improving the supply chain automation percentage. 

industry 4.0
3d cube design

3D Visualisations

Since 2016 I have been working with Blender, 3DS Max and Maya creating 3D product & architecture visualisations. I love designing and creating new things from scratch. Creating realistic results has always been my goal while creating these renders. If you are interested to see my work, feel free to click on the Portfolio button.

Webdesign Dylan Dreyer

Webdesign & SEO

Since 2017 I started learning how to design and create websites on the WordPress platform. I really like the freedom of creating my own websites. This motivates me to use my own creativity and freedom. Since 2019 I started learning the fundamentals of search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine advertisement (SEA). This helped me to rank my websites higher in search engines like Google. If you like to see more about my web design work, please click on the portfolio button or visit Webscrollers.

Webdesign Dylan Dreyer
Video marketing icon

Video marketing, Cinemathography & Photography

I started doing a lot of cinematography work around 2012, this resulted in a big interest in camera systems, photography and technology. If you are interested to see some results and recent created work, feel free to click on the portfolio button.

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